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Welcome to the web-site of Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant!

Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant is one of the biggest meat plants with many year experience at the market.
The plant is a supplier of beef semi-carcass, quarter carcass, block meat, byproducts and meat semi-products in many regions of Ukraine.

Cows give us not only milk, they also give us meat (beef). And to receive this meat we have to slaughter the cows.

Prior to slaughtering the cows in production quantities, they are examined by a representative of a veterinary authority, then they are washed with flow water shower. Prior to the procedure itself the cattle is kept in a pre-slaughter premise. The cows are slaughtered in a halal way.

Prior to transportation and also for meat ageing the carcass is cut in half along the back bone and then transversally (between the 11th and the 12th ribs) to get carcass quarters.

After that these quarters are hanged in a cool premise for ageing. With this the condition of noncontact position of carcass parts to prevent spoilage is observed.

Meat ageing (safety filming in the process of drying) finishes in 12 hours. Further it can be transported. Obligatory condition is the examination by the sanitary and veterinary authority with further marking.