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Welcome to the web-site of Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant!

Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant is one of the biggest meat plants with many year experience at the market.
The plant is a supplier of beef semi-carcass, quarter carcass, block meat, byproducts and meat semi-products in many regions of Ukraine.


Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant includes two beef production subdivisions: slaughter and meat processing departments. Every day more than 25 tons of frozen and cooled beef is being produced and sold. Among the clients of our company there are not only producers of sausage products, tinned meat, frozen semi-products, but also children’s educational institutions, supermarkets. 

Having high productive capacities and highly skilled personnel we manufacture products of high quality which is the general submission of our meat processing plant in the market competition. Due to this we have positive experience in cooperation with our partners from Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Republic of Belarus, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Georgia and others.


Among our advantages there are:

  • Total area: about 2,000 m3, including 1500m2 of production premises of meat processing plant.
  • Cold rooms with volume of 2,100m3 including 1,500m3.
  • Slaughter department area: 500m2. Cold rooms with volume of 600m3.
  • The plant personnel is more than 120 people.
  • Total production capacity is more than 700 tons per month.


Photo of our plant