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Welcome to the web-site of Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant!

Baryshivka Meat Processing Plant is one of the biggest meat plants with many year experience at the market.
The plant is a supplier of beef semi-carcass, quarter carcass, block meat, byproducts and meat semi-products in many regions of Ukraine.

Our company proposes to our clients the beef obtained from the carcasses bred exclusively with organic food in the good natural conditions. That is why the meat has not only excellent taste but also contains necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The products are manufactured at our own production site according to all technological instructions of meat industry with obligatory observing of established sanitary norms and rules.

Prior to dissection carcasses, semi-carcasses, carcass quarters shall be examined by the veterinarian and only upon his permission they can be processed. Prior to cutting and dissection meat shall be scaled by categories, marks shall be cut off, except for those made with pink edible paint.

Meat desinewing shall be made after dissection and involves eliminating of coarse chains (sinews, velum, attachments and others) and fat, small bones, tendrons, big blood vessels, lymphglands and blood clots. In the process of desinewing meat shall be sorted depending on the weight content of chains and fat.


Please, see the photos of our dissection department